Q + A

what kinds of organizations do you feature?

All kinds!  The common thread that the organizations/individuals we highlight share is that they all have taken action to embrace a need in their community, in a creative and thoughtful way, using the tools available to them.  Some people run 501(c)(3)'s.  Others run Instagram accounts.  Some sell products, others offer training.  We've got book writers and designers and former corporate employees, a pretty mixed bag.  Chances are that if you are drawn to what we're doing here, you'll make a great fit.  If this sounds like you or someone you know, please tell us

I wanna join the tribe! how can i do that?



First of all, hooray!  If you jive with our vibe, you're gonna wanna add yourself to our mailing list so that you get a front-row seat to the stories of our tribe leaders and stay inspired by all the good schtuff happenin' around here.

If you mean that you are someone or know someone who would be a perfect fit for story sharing -- that's amazing!  We want to hear from you.  Shoot us an email, straight away! 

why do you sell art prints?

Hate to answer your question with another question, but do you know what a memento is?  You probably do, you're so smart.  But just incase you're interested, here's a little history behind the word that you may not have known already:

"Memento comes from the imperative form of "meminisse," a Latin verb that literally means "to remember."  The history of "memento" makes it clear where its spelling came from, but because a memento often helps one remember a particular moment, people occasionally spell the term "momento." (source)

Simply put, Kairos is a word that means "decisive moment".  We are a tribe, and tribes are the kind of people group that creates and holds onto mementos.  One of our chief goals is to share moments of decision, of moving towards action, to inspire more moments like it.  And if you have a moment of clarity or decision or what-have-you while reading a story here, we want to put something in your hands that will serve you as a visual reminder of that moment.  

Additionally, this is an example of us using the tools we have, right where we are, to embrace a need.  We sell these prints as a way to give back a little bit to these leaders.  Not because money solves all problems, but it can help with a few.

who's behind all this?

Hey!  My name is Mallory, and I'm the creator of the Kairos Tribe.  I'm a writer by trade, and a hand-lettering artist by accident.  I have a degree in English and this wild desire to make the people around me feel special, safe, and welcome.  For the longest time I could not see how those two things had anything to do with each other.  My first couple of years out of college, I found myself hand-lettering my days away, and it was a blast but a tad, you could say, lacking in deeper purpose for me.  Then this summer, God gave me this idea for the Kairos Tribe and I've decided to take it and run with it (before I'm ready, let's be honest) and hopefully spread a little love and kindness along the way.   

So...you just mentioned god. does that mean the kairos tribe is a faith-based organization?



Yes!  Also, no.  First of all, "organization" is a word that should be applied loosely; the Kairos Tribe is a blog that I (Mallory) created and run, and I am a person of faith.  I find that a lot of people who I have chosen to interview also share my faith, though they might walk it out a little differently than I do.  That's okay.  The bottom line is, yes, I am operating from a world view that is shaped by my faith in Jesus.  That is inextricably linked to the work I am doing here with the Kairos Tribe.  But does that mean you have to believe the same things as me to become a part of the tribe? Certainly not.  You, my friend, are welcome here.    

Don't you think this would be a good podcast?

Umm, yes, 100%.  If you or someone you know possesses the powers of podcasting, please tell us about it