a month in review: february 2017

February was short + sweet as always, and jam-packed, too!  Here are a few things that happened...

  • As it has for the past four years, February kicked off with the IF:Gathering.  I got to spend it with four dear friends up on Lake Hartwell.  This year's theme was discipleship -- specifically going small + being present where you are.  Such good + needed reminders for where I am right now, which is constantly wondering if I'm in the right place (can you relate?!).  I think the main application I took away from that time was a renewed sense of my role as a wife -- specifically, that it is okay for me to take time out of the day to do things like pray for John while he is at work, prepare food that nourishes us + care for our home.  This may sound like a small thing, or something obvious but I really haven't been letting myself take time for those things, and so they always became overwhelming whenever the needs presented themselves.  Now, because I have made a space in my mind and day for those things it is so much easier to do them with joy!  It's those little adjustments sometimes that seem to make the biggest difference.
  • Another thing that came early in February was flower-slinging for V-Day!  My dear friend Ayla + I were able to sell some of her bouquets at a local boutique, the pop up I mentioned in last month's report!  I have to say that in this case, the fun really outweighed the work.  We had such a blast!
  • I also had the fun chance to go and visit my friend Maddie's new retail space in Duluth, GA! She and her mom run Personify Shop together, and I am SO excited for her in this next phase of her business -- the shop is set to be open in April, so go ahead and add it to your must-see list for the Spring!
  • For Valentine's Day, John surprised me and took me to Athens for the day to visit one of my all-time favorite places, the State Botanical Garden.  We lived in Athens for a year before we moved to Boston, and I can't tell you how many times I visited those gardens!  They are somewhat reminiscent of the Arboretum I grew up going to.  Apparently, I am a little bit of a garden junkie + I don't care who knows it!  We had such a great day together.  There's us squinting at you from said gardens, below :)
  • I had the privilege + joy of creating paper goods for my friend Karen, as she amazingly dreamed up + pulled off the first Maybe to Yes workshop for Wedding Planners!  Some ladies with an exquisite eye came together to execute a modern + whimsical styled shoot as a part of the workshop.  I am sure I'll be able to share more photos before long!
  • We were invited to our first show at Eddie's Attic in February, and in my book it definitely lives up to all of the hype -- I do prefer a small + intimate setting for my concerts, so it's pretty ideal as far as I am concerned!
  • The tail end of this month brought about some pretty hard core nesting -- I've always said that I am a slow settler and now that we've lived in these six hundred and one square feet for a full six months...I guess it felt like time!  I've pulled out a couple of our things that hadn't made it out of bubble wrap yet, and I made a successful solo trip to IKEA that involved some velvet curtains, a set of pink juice glasses, a couple more RIBBA frames (duh), one kilim pillow cover and some very adorable rattan chairs.  IKEA forever.
  • In other business news...still working hard on the aforementioned collaborative project + our hope is to launch this spring -- not much longer now!  We had a shoot and produced a catalogue this month, which was an extremely rewarding process.
  • That said, I am still doing some side projects and loving every opportunity I have to make beautiful things for others.  I have really focused my work down to a select handful of projects, still including logo design and wedding paper, the things I have always loved most!  You can see a list of my services here, and view my portfolio here.
  • The last thing I will report from February is that I decided to take a break from Instagram, the primary reason being that it is an exercise in mindfulness.  I've observed how often I find myself mindlessly opening it, and my battery usage report keeps no secrets!  This hiatus really isn't meant to be anything sinister or overblown, I just don't want to encourage Instagram (or any app) to have that kind of hold on my attention.  I chose to put it on the shelf as a part of my observation of the season of Lent.  It is a little crazy to reimagine my world without Instagram!  I have to say though, I haven't much missed it.  Curious to see what comes of this :)

In response to the goals I set for February at the end of last month:

  • I said I wanted to both write every day and read every day -- neither of which happened!  I didn't really set any parameters around that, which never helps.  Lofty goals.
  • I also said I wanted to write this review on the last day in January, to which I have to say better late than never.

Some things I want to do in March:

  • Finally visit the DeKalb Farmer's Market...it is legendary, and apparently not very much like a farmer's market at all.  I promise to report :)
  • Also visit Scott's Antique Market in South Atlanta!
  • See the new Beauty + the Beast.  I may or may not be counting down the days.
  • Write another review before April is halfway over :) ...and maybe write a couple other posts between now and then!

Thanks for reading!  Until then,

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