a cookbook catalogue


There is a trend on my Christmas Wish List this year...it is overwhelmingly top-heavy with cookbooks, including Gwyneth's It's All Easy,  The Home Cook by Alex Guarnaschelli from every cooking show ever, and of course, the beautiful Love & Lemons.  I have noticed that cooking out of a cookbook gives me a noticeably higher sense of gratification than using Pinterest recipes...this is not to say that I do not love the blogger recipes I find on Pinterest!!  I don’t know what I would do without them, and I have many, many favorites...just a few here.  There’s just something about being able to fold down a page in a book for a recipe you love.  And then there’s also the extreme pleasure of not having to constantly unlock my phone with sticky fingers to check next steps in the midst of busy dinner prep...

I do currently have a small collection of cookbooks including The New Basics, which was a wedding gift from a dear neighbor friend of mine who is a talented chef + caterer -- it’s one of her favorites, so you know it has to be good...and it’s massive.  I have leafed through it many times, and it is extremely thorough!  The strong nineties vibe also leads me to imagine it was on the set of Friends somewhere, probably tucked beside Monica’s One-cent Pickle crock.  

Next to that I have The Year of Cozy, which is two parts recipes and one part DIY projects from Adrianna Adarme and her adorable Corgi, Amelia, of A Cozy Kitchen.  To be honest I have not yet made anything from this book, but I have cozied up to read it on a handful of occasions, so I think that means it’s serving its purpose??  

I have two cookbooks that belonged to my grandmother: a bilingual falling-apart (but beautiful!) Panamanian cookbook, from the time she lived there with my Grandfather while the Canal was being built.  And of course, a copy of “Mrs. Joy!!”...ten points if you can hear Meryl Streep’s inflected enthusiasm as you read that.  I use neither of these; except once when I needed an apple crisp recipe, I went straight to Irma’s trust volume.  I mostly just like having the two of them there on my shelf to keep Grandmother in the kitchen :)

The only cookbook that I both own and use is Against All Grain, by Danielle Walker.  I am not actually against all grain, but I appreciate the extreme attention to health that comes from Danielle’s book due to her dietary restrictions.  This makes her a very trustworthy source for eating food that is...well, food.  My faaaaavorite from that book is her pork ragu...I’m drooling a little just thinking about it.

What do you think -- do you like to cook from cookbooks or any recipe you can find?  What are some of your favorite cookbooks, or recipes?  Please share, I want to grow my little collection!