the deepest secret nobody knows

 photo via  unsplash

photo via unsplash

Want to know a secret?  Well, it’s not really a secret -- or it’s about not to be -- and besides, I don’t mind telling you.  But it is a little weird, or at least I think it is.  If it's not weird at all because this is you too, I want you to tell me, okay?  

Here it is.

For as long as I can remember, there has been a wall in my head.  I don’t mean like a mental block or brain fog, I mean an actual wall -- a place where I go to write the things that move me, that I want to remember.  It's seems to be unbounded, and has sort of a warm glowing color to it.  I warned you -- kinda weird.  But everyone thinks in different ways; I am certainly a visual thinker.  And so when I see or hear words that I love that are too good or beautiful to forget, I go to the wall and I write them down.  I also actually write a lot of these words too, haha.  This is a huge part of how I became a "lettering artist", which is so essential to me, I have trouble saying it out loud.

The wall is really related to this whole thing about memory, because also for as long as I can remember I’ve had this sort of mantra that I didn’t even make up: “try to remember everything”.  The wall is just one way I try not to forget.

This is why I love to write words for other people so brings me a strange amount of joy to place a visual expression of well-loved words in your hands, for you to hang on your walls.  

It's difficult to express, honestly.  Thanks for sitting with me as I try :)

And with that...if you want to hire me to write words that you love + want to keep close, you know I would be so honored.  I currently have custom pieces available in four different sizes; which I will link to below.



p.s. the title words are some of my favorites, from this poem.

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