a month in review: january 2017

You all know by now that I have The Big Feelings.  So I feel okay telling you about this song lyric that I absolutely love:

"Life without revision / will silence our souls" - Sleeping At Last

Yes, I know it's waxing dramatic...but it's also got some solid truth in it.

Don't we all say things like, "where did the week go?" and "how is it already February!?".  I know I do, constantly.  The anxious undercurrent of that sentiment is not only about time + how quickly it seems to pass -- it's another layer deeper, too, which is that the time passes and I'm not really sure how well I interacted with it.

I don't mean to get too dark + heavy, but I kinda feel like many of you will be able to relate!

The best thing I know to do (besides grow a miraculous ability to seize every day with consistent and undying vigor) is to review.  To look back at what I've done and what it's taught me, and to use that knowledge to step into the days ahead.

So here's what happened this month:

  • I started a part-time job at my Pure Barre studio in Atlanta, and I am absolutely loving it!  It is such joy to serve the women in our community by making them feel welcome and safe in our studio.  If you're a fellow Atlantan, I hope you'll stop by and visit!!
  • I have continued working with my mother-in-law on some decorating jobs, which is so rewarding because I always learn something new + I of course love getting to work with my hands and make things look beautiful to bring others joy.  
  • I have also gotten to do some flower work with a dear friend; she brought me on along with a small team to arrange a mountain of babies breath for a wedding!  It was unlike anything I have ever done with flowers, and it was a ton of fun.  She and I are gearing up for a multi-day flower pop-up for Valentine's Day, so there will be more flowers in the month to come.
  • Probably the most major shift that has occurred (as far as work goes) is that I've started working closely with a fellow lady entrepreneur + friend to build a business that encourages women to live a fruitful life.  The way this entire thing came about was totally a gift from God; the story really merits more than a bullet point on a list, so I do plan to share it at greater length at some point!  But for now I want to tell you that together we are developing a line of paper goods + a subscription mailing that we are super excited about!  This is one of the main reasons I decided to hold off on producing my own line of stationery -- our two visions were so (spookily) similar that it made the most sense to merge my efforts with hers.  It's so cool you guys, I am so thrilled + thankful + excited to share more with you as things progress!  Even though I decided not to move forward with the stationery line, I am still making wedding stationery + doing bridal calligraphy, as well as taking business clients for logos + design projects.  So nothing has really changed, just growing in some unforeseen ways + I could not be more thankful.
  • The most major shift that happened on a personal level is...I realized that I love Atlanta!  This might sound really funny (it kind of is a funny thing to take note of) but if you know me you know that there was a time that I promised up and down that I would sooner burst into flame than live in Atlanta.  So -- pretty radical transformation, I would say.  It's honestly just felt like such a gift + I have been basking in it ever since I realized it was true.  Never say never, as the ever-wise J. Biebs would say.
  • Are you also interested in knowing that I have *almost* successfully made it through the acclamation period for switching to natural deodorant??!  You probably did want to know that, right?  For those of you savvy about natural beauty products + procedures, I switched to Piper Wai, which was recommended to me by a trusted friend over a year ago.  I had tried a few other brands in the past and never made it this far in the process, mostly because they never worked as well for me early on.  If you are reading this and it sounds like complete nonsense to you, I beseech you for the sake of your lymph nodes + overall wellbeing: make the switch!  There is all kinds of icky stuff in regular deodorant + for some reason no one ever tells you this until you have already been slathering it on for a decade and a half.  So I am telling you: do it now, while it's winter, because it'll take up to two weeks for your body to adjust its pH levels + for the new natural to work (i know, it's a little stinky but it is worth it).  I am not a scientist, so I can't authoritatively tell you much more, but as a friend I am just saying it's worth looking into.  

And a few things I think I can say I have learned:

  • As you know, we started a brand new year, which is always super exciting for it's clean-slate feeling.  However, this year I felt pretty overwhelmed by goal setting in the sense that I didn't really do any of that.  Haha.  I tried to do some preemptive planning back in December, but a lot has changed between then and now (see above), so I've basically been living through this month feeling frantically behind.  You know what?  I don't think I want to do that again!  It has been a good month in so many ways, I just wish I would not have gotten so hung up on feeling "behind". 
  • That said, I don't want to only live in reaction mode.  There is still a place for intention, even when you are receiving each day as it comes, taking one day at a time.  I think the best way for me is to have an idea of what I would like to accomplish, and not worrying about all the things that come up later + never get done.  Does that make sense?  That said...

A few goals for February:

  • to write everyday - this was in my mind coming into the new year, and I think it feels so frivolous that I haven't prioritized it properly.  But you know, this is one of those things I have wanted to make space for for longer than I can remember.  And it doesn't have to be complicated so I'm just going to do it!
  • to read everyday - another thing I haven't let happen because it isn't "essential"...at least not on the surface.  But you guys, I firmly believe that my quality of life improves like so drastically when I just allow my mind that time to take in someone else's thoughts.  And I set out with the intention to read 12 books this year + made the huge mistake of starting with Moby Dick...so maybe instead of quantifying it (because that never seems to go very well for me), I'll just move toward opening a book each day + see where that takes me.  Not to knock Moby Dick, though, it's actually way better than I expected!  Still as dense, though.
  • to write a monthly review again on the last day of February!

That pretty much sums it up...I have no idea if this will be fun for anyone besides me to read, so you'll have to let me know. 

Til then!