farewell, castle paper co.!

 Photo by  Ian Schneider  via Unsplash

Photo by Ian Schneider via Unsplash

When Castle Paper Co. was born almost two years ago, I was eager to find something to call myself that was creative, had a good story, and would be fitting both to me and the work I produce.  In some ways, I think I accomplished that goal -- many of you now know the story of the house I grew up in on Castleton Street, where I fostered a love for creativity, all things paper, and original handwriting.

 My first logo!  aw. 

My first logo!  aw. 

I still love that story, of course, because it's mine -- but it occupies a space of it's own.  Telling that story in a way that connected to the work I am actually doing proved to be difficult + even a little off-topic, at times.  Not only that, but I wavered on my willingness to primarily be a maker of stationery (you know, as the suffix "Paper Company" would explicitly imply...#facepalm) -- so now, I had a hard-to-follow name that was also misleading. 

 ...and, the second + final Castle Paper Co. logo.

...and, the second + final Castle Paper Co. logo.

For that reason, along with the desire to allow myself some freedom to grow creatively, I've decided to go the less-creative but more-fitting route, and everything that I do now will be under my name, Mallory Overton!

I am excited for the change, and I feel great about it, but truthfully, it feels a little vulnerable to admit all of this.

 Introducing my newest logo, which I think (fingers crossed!) will stick for awhile.

Had I planned better, or been less eager to have a cute name for my company, then maybe I wouldn't be changing it two years in.  On some level, something as small as a name change makes me reevaluate whether I'm even fit to be a creative business person at all if I can't make up my mind about something so fundamental.

It feels vulnerable to reveal my inner process, but then I remember...we are all in a process of some kind. Change really is the only constant.  Especially as a creative person...I think many of us believe we are capable of just about anything we can imagine.  

I know I have definitely chased that rabbit at times, but I am not setting out on this new path with the intention of being all things to all people.  I think, I hope, I have learned that that is neither possible nor edifying...to myself or anyone around me.

Really, the "new" path is the same one, with the same mission.  It's just clearer now.  I'll still be writing by hand to bring joy to others on their wedding day + in their homes.  I'll still be chronically over-sharing and writing sporadically, sharing the things of my heart + beauty I've found that I can't keep to myself.

I do expect to see some growth in some new areas, and I won't get into it all right now (different post for a different day!) but I will just say I'll be dabbling more in interior decorating, something that's had a magnetic pull on me since approximately age twelve.  As for growth into other areas of creativity -- nothing else I've imagined concretely up til now, but we'll see.

Practically speaking, this post will go up, and in the days following I'll change over my Instagram to reflect the change -- I'll be @mallory.overton, moving forward!  Pinterest + my actual web address have already been switched over, but they'll auto-direct from Castle Paper Co.

Emotionally...I am definitely sentimental, so I'm a bit sad to say goodbye to the old name.  But I am also a person who loves change, so I am embracing it head-on, with a lot of energy + excitement.  I'll never forget, though.

So, that's it, my big news, my confession.  Haha.  Here's to the next chapter!