feelings about instagram stories

 Photo from Unsplash by  Brook Cagle

Photo from Unsplash by Brook Cagle

By now, you know that I am a raving fan of Instagram.  I have accepted the implicit meaning that comes attached, the appealing + the less-so.  Yesterday they surprised us all with a feature that they essentially copy + pasted from Snapchat: the story feature.

Already, handfuls of people are jumping on it + expressing their feelings.  The consensus I've heard so far: we don't know what to think of it.  But we like it.  And we're using it.  Slash wasting our time on it?  But, wait, let's get into that in a minute.

Here's what I want to do:  I'm going to make a pro list and then a con list, and then another pro list.  Because we don't want to end on a bad note.  I'm just going to go ahead and say that I am pretty terrible at pro/con lists, due to the fact that I do not really view the world in black + white.  Rather, I see both sides to most everything.  So really, the pros + cons are probably going to run together + I won't develop many hard opinions one way or the other, so if you're interested in skipping all of my prattling + just getting to the bottom line...the bottom line is, I like it.

Now I'm going to say more about why.


- It's fun.  I feel like you get to come and join me in my kitchen as I toast my toast.  So basically, it makes making toast more fun for me.  Not really sure in what way it bolsters your experience, but...I'm guessing most people aren't thinking about that part?

- It's the same kind of fun as Snapchat, except it's one app.  Never in a million years was I ever going to open a WHOLE SEPARATE APP just to toast toast with you.  I mean, it's nothing personal + I really did feel the FOMO and strongly, might I add, but that would not ever sufficiently motivate me to use Snapchat.  Truthfully, I think it's less of a laziness thing and more of a "better not go down that road" thing.  Which leads to my next point, which is a con.


- For so long, I knew better than to let myself go down the Snapchat road.  Guys -- I already waste so much time on Instagram.  There is no room for Facebook, no room for Twitter...a little bit of room for Pinterest.  And while I was tempted by Snapchat, I knew it would be a deep dark hole for me.  I knew I would embarrass myself by having a little too much fun with it.  And now...now it's seeping into my one chosen platform.  There may not be any hope for me.  Or for you, if you follow me + are watching all of this nonsense go down. 

- The other thing that seems like cons is, I don't really understand how social it is?  Like...I know I love watching them but there is no way to express that, or to respond to you when you're asking where your flower crown is...(the answer is, I took it).  That part is weird to me + I do not yet know how to reconcile it.  But, there is an upside... 

Pros, again:

- ....you can enter into my story just a little bit more.  And I really like that.  I make a strong effort to be honest + share from the heart.  I don't fully know why I do it: maybe it is selfish + I just want you to like me, or I want to be heard or known.  In part, that is true.  But actually, what feels so much better than being liked is knowing I have helped you in some way.  If I am able to supply one of you with hope or to remind one of you that you're worth it, I feel like I've done my job.  And I feel like one million dollars.

- It's pretty much an open book.  It can be whatever I want it to be!  And that makes my creative bells + whistles go a little crazy + get kinda loud.

Bonus pro:  

- If the above pros are true, maybe it discounts the waste-of-time-con?  Maybe just a little?

The verdict:

I'm a fan. As I considered trying it out this morning (for less than 60 seconds), I decided, what's the worst that could happen?  I have to learn a little bit more self control?  Fine.  I embarrass myself?  I already do that anyway.  It wasn't a big risk, considerably, but I took it nevertheless, and so far, I'm glad.