a free guide to brush lettering

 Photo by  Joshua Niedermayer  via Unsplash

Photo by Joshua Niedermayer via Unsplash

Lettering is having a serious moment right now -- part of me wonders if we'll look back on this craft craze the way we remember cross stitching, paint by number or macrame.  Like, in a face palm sort of way.  It's not unlikely, but even those fads are seeing a revival through tapestry weaving + coloring books.  

Do yourself a favor + Google "1970s macrame".  You won't be disappointed.

Part of what makes these popular crafts so great is how accessible they are -- they catch on, and the availability of tutorials, kits, and inexpensive tools rises.  I didn't take much away from macroeconomics in college (though it robbed me a tiny piece of my soul) but I'm pretty sure that's a basic principle of that (horrible, torturous) subject.

So, whether lettering is your current DIY crush or if you're just beginning to dabble, I've created a simple guide to my brush lettering for you to download, practice, and have a little fun with.  

When drawing these letters I used Tombow's dual brush pens, which I use almost exclusively for this type of lettering.  The pink dots show you where to begin the letter, and some letters have a blue dot too if it is one that requires a second stroke.  The thicker arrows indicate when to apply pressure, and the thinner arrows show when to let up a little.

My style is a little whimsical + inexact.  Don't be bummed if you can't replicate it exactly -- it's okay!  That's the beauty of hand lettering.  It can be whatever you want it to be, so make like Jess Day + do your own chicken dance + just have fun being yourself.

Alright?!  Alright.  Here it is, friends!  You'll need to fill out some basic information, but you will not be automatically signed up to my mailing list.  If you want to be on it, fill out the form just below!

Happy lettering + let me know if you have any questions!