Resources I Used When I Started Learning Modern Calligraphy

 photo by  Holly Von Lanken

If you're occupying the same headspace that I was when I first started doing modern calligraphy, you probably have a head full of questions.  "What's the best nib to start with?  How much do I really need to know about what kind of paper I buy? What kind of pen or nib holder should I use?"  

Maybe you've already jumped right in (points for gusto!) but feel like you need to back up for a little bit more of an introduction -- that's fine too!  Either way, here are the two resources I used that really worked for me + helped me to gather all the momentum I needed to lose the training wheels.

1. Molly Jacques' Skillshare Course, "Introduction to the Art of Modern Calligraphy"

This course is so quick + easy, and the great thing I loved about it is Molly will tell you which tools to get, and where to get them.  This was huge for me, because I wanted to make sure I wasn't buying tools that would only help me emulate the old-school chisel-tipped felt pen calligraphy.  Because I had seen Molly's work, I knew I could trust that she would direct me to the right tools.  Click here to view it + get started!  

2. Molly Suber Thorpe's book, "Modern Calligraphy"

There are a (very) few certain mechanical rules you'll need to follow in modern calligraphy -- like when to apply pressure to the pen and at what degree to hold it to avoid snags.  Molly covers that in this book, but she also touches on the philosophical side as well.  Modern Calligraphy is really about using traditional tools in a modified way -- this is why everyone's style is so unique!  Check it out here on amazon.    


These are the two resources I relied on to get started + that worked well for me.  Of course, since then I've used some other helpful teaching tools.  If you've figured out the basics on your own + are looking for something a little more intermediate, here are those link below:     

This website (where I bought my first batch of nibs + ink!) + This list

...and here are a few more if you're looking to take it one step further + digitize your work! 

This course + This YouTube channel

That's all I've got!  Let me know if you still have questions about this, I am happy to answer!