About MAllory

Here I am, standing in my kitchen on a summer's afternoon.  The art of the selfie...it's not actually the thing I'm best at, not by a long shot.  

I am pretty good at eating yummy foods, sleeping (this includes naps), dreaming, loving my people, and returning books late to the library.  Every.  Single.  Time.  I also like taking pictures, arranging flowers, and making spaces lovely and inviting for all to enter.

I'm fairly certain you came here to see about some of the other things I like to do -- they're listed below!  

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The truth is, I've been "lettering" forever.  I've always been concerned with the way my letters have come off the pen, ever since I learned how to use one.  I remember being the most excited kid in my second grade class when we started learning cursive.  In 10th grade, I thought I was clever to incorporate boxy little cursive-style s's into my alphabet that looked so cute on all notes I passed -- I mean, took -- in high school.  More recently, I've begun lending my letters to projects like wedding invitations, logos, and pretty little things for the home.  Click below to see more!


A freelancer I have not always been.  In fact, this title has been assumed accidentally, mostly because I am unable to restrain myself from working on projects with other wickedly talented, wonderful folks.

Often these projects (think styling, copywriting, affiliate marketing) don't fit cleanly into my lettering square, which is why the two are separate.

I'd encourage you to contact me using the form at the bottom of this page if you have an idea you'd like to run by me.  I promise your message will be met with a little happy dance.

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the kairos tribe

A younger endeavor of mine, the Kairos Tribe is an interview series I started in the Fall of 2017 because I became interested to know more about people who have chosen a stance of hope rather than despair and have take action to embrace a need in our broken world.

These stories have been incredibly impactful to me as I've helped write them down, and it's a project I hope to continue with in 2018.  Please drop a line if you know of anyone who should be featured!


Honestly...do you want to know the truth?

I am such a word fanatic.  Good words sort of overtake me, in a way that's hard to explain.  All I know is that I have to respond to them, I have to write them down.  I do this in part through lettering, and also in part by writing my own words as a form of expression.

Sometimes I publish my thoughts + other written things, like what I'm into lately + such.


Hey!  Thanks for reaching out.  I look forward to speaking with you! - mallory

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